“Fifty Years of Mateship” Coloured Pencil Drawing 2 Sgts – RAR 1960’s


“Fifty Years of Mateship” Coloured Pencil Drawing  of Two Sgts – RAR  approx. late 1960’s       Sgt John “Taters” Kennewell  and Sgt Don “Chalky” White. The drawing is behind glass and measures 21.5cm x 15cm  – and the pine frame measures 32cm x 27cm.  The drawing is signed by Alan??? unfortunately the surname is hidden below the mount.

Sgt Kennewell served with 2RAR in the Malayan Emergency from October 1955 to October 1957 and was also served with 3RAR in the Indonesian Confrontation in 1965.  There is a note on the Malayan Emergency Roll Register that John Kennewell discharged July 1968.

Sgt White served in Vietnam with 7RAR (Feb 1970-Jan 1971) and AATTV (for a very short period in Apr 1972). Temp W/O2 Donald Sydney White was awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Years Honours for service between 1970-1979.  The National Archives of Australia has a listing for D.S White, service number NX700079 who enlisted in the Australian Army on 31 July 1947 and discharged 24 Sept 1948.  This file is yet to be examined by the Archives and is not available online.  If this is Sgt Don White he would have been 18 years at time of enlistment.  This period could have been for service with BCOF, but unfortunately there is no public listing of the nominal role.    The drawing comes with some internet research.