QR Queensland Railway Terracotta Railways Water Cooler Carafe Australian pottery


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We are proud to offer for sale this very rare museum quality Queensland Railway Terracotta Railways Water Cooler Carafe. Marked with “QR” and “R. St.” and we assume that the R. St. stands for Roma Street. This carafe most likely would have been used in the Roma Street railway offices and filled daily.  The terracotta allowing water to seep to the outside of the carafe, the evaporation of the water created cooling to take place. Hence cooling the water on the inside of the carafe.  We tried many avenues of research and have come to a dead end each time, as far as we know this is the only surviving example with the R {Roma} Street markings, and a rare example. The Roma Street station opened in 1876 and I believe this would date to the time of the opening of the station. This type of water cooling system was widely used in those days.  Terracotta water carafes were also used on trains and in the refreshment rooms. Later being gradually replaced by glass, which was more durable than terracotta.   With my many years of dealing, We strongly feel this piece was Australian made, but unconfirmed.   The buyer must be the judge in all aspects of our discripition.  The carafe measures 21cm in height and 14cm in diameter across the base.  The opening measures 6.5cm in diameter.  The only blemish is at the base of the “Q” and this does not detract from the overall condition.  There are dirty marks from age and use.  The carafe has been spun on a potter’s wheel and it’s total weight is 1.15kg. More photographs can be provided on request.